Theses and Dissertations

  • Changming Lin
    Study of Dielectric Constant Logging Tools
    (M.S. Thesis) 2012
  • Zhijuan Zhang
    1-D Modeling and Inversion of Triaxial Induction Logging Tool in Layered Anisotropic Media
    (Ph.D. Dissertation) 2011
  • Yinan Xing
    Road Profiling System using Non-contact Laser Displacement Sensor
    (M.S. Thesis) 2011
  • Ziting Liu
    Wireless MWD Telemetry System Using MEMS Radio
    (M.S. Thesis) 2011
  • Yajuan Kong
    Study of Logging-While-Drilling Simulation Models Using Wellog Inversion Software and COMSOL
    (M.S. Thesis) 2011
  • Chen Guo
    Research on Ultra Wideband (UWB) Antenna and Radar Application
    (Ph.D. Dissertation) 2010
  • Mark Collins
    Response of MWD Resistivity Tools in Eccentric Cylindrically Layered Media
    (M.S. Thesis) 2009
  • Hamid Naseri
    Electromagnetic Telemetry in Measurement-While-Drilling with a Wireless Relay Network
    (Ph.D. Dissertation) 2009
  • Jinjuan Zhou
    Application of Finite Element Method in Solving Well Logging Problems
    (Ph.D. Dissertation) 2009
  • Li Zhong
    Response of Induction and LWD Tools in Multiple Cylindrically Layered Media
    (M.S. Thesis) 2009
  • Yumei Tang
    Modeling and Inversion of Multicomponent Induction Logs in Biaxial Anisotropic Formation
    (Ph.D. Dissertation) 2008
  • Ashutosh Bhardwaj
    1-D Inversion of Tri-axial Induction Logs in Anisotropic Medium
    (M.S. Thesis) 2008
  • David Navarro
    Effects of Invasion Transient on Resistivity Time-Lapsed Logging
    (M.S. Thesis) 2007
  • Xueshen Yu
    Inversion of Tri-Axial Induction Logs in Anisotropic Formation
    (M.S. Thesis) 2006
  • Jing Li
    Electrical Property Measurement of Rocks in the Range of 10kHz –1.1GHz
    (M.S. Thesis) 2005
  • Shanjun Li
    Analysis of Complex Formations Using Computer Techniques
    (Ph.D. Dissertation) 2004
  • Weishan Han
    3D Finite Element Simulation Method of Induction and MWD Tools
    (Ph.D. Dissertation) 2004
  • Lili Zhong
    Simulation of Tri-Axial Induction Tools in Dipping Anisotropic Beds
    (Ph.D. Dissertation) 2004
  • Wei Gao
    3D Transmission Line Matrix Method and Application Interface
    (M.S. Thesis) 2002
  • Lili Zhong
    Simulation of Multi-Component Induction Tool in Dipping Beds
    (M.S. Thesis) 2002