Theses and Dissertations

  • Muhammad N. A. Ansari
    Effect of Dissimilar Scale Factors for Length and Diameter on Shallow Laterolog Scale-Model Tool Response
    (M.S. Thesis) 1988
  • Kuang-Fu Han
    Dielectric Constant Measurement of Saline Solution at 1.1 GHz
    (M.S. Thesis) 1988
  • Xin Lin
    Microwave Dipmeter
    (M.S. Thesis) 1987
  • Ming Huang
    Modeling Medium Inhomogeneity in Induction Logging
    (M.S. Thesis) 1987
  • Lee-Hwa Lue Wang
    Inversion of Induction Logging Data in Horizontally Layered Formation
    (M.S. Thesis) 1987
  • Kobina O. Eshun
    A New Design for the WLL Induction Logging Model Facility
    (Senior Thesis) 1986
  • Nancy S. Pollard
    Computer Simulation of Induction Tool Resistivity Readings in Multiple Layer Formations
    (Senior Thesis) 1986
  • Michel S. Bittar
    Laterolog Scale Modelling Experiments
    (M.S. Thesis) 1986
  • Gong Li
    Physical Modelling of Induction Logging in Dipping Beds with a Large Borehole
    (M.S. Thesis) 1985
  • Herzl Marouni
    Dielectric Constant and Conductivity Measurement of Reservoir Rocks in the Range of 20-50 MHz
    (M.S. Thesis) 1985
  • Shahryar Darayan
    High-Temperature Electromagnetic Properties of Reservoir Rocks at UHF
    (M.S. Thesis) 1984
  • S. C. Frank Huang
    Techniques for Measuring the Dielectric Properties of Samples Using Coaxial-Line and Insulated Antenna
    (Ph.D. Dissertation) 1984
  • Hardy X. J. Guo
    Physical Modelling of Induction Logging in Dipping Beds
    (M.S. Thesis) 1984
  • Shey-Min Su
    Measurements of Dielectric Constant and Conductivity of Petroleum Reservoir Rocks at Microwave Frequencies
    (M.S. Thesis) 1982
  • Shabbir A. Chowdhury
    Investigation of Electrode Effects in the Measurement of Impedance of Water Saturated Rocks at Low Frequencies
    (M.S. Thesis) 1982